Trail Being Paved Is Better After Rain

I’ve been doing more hiking this year as I search for my daily photos.  A few weeks back, we did a really nice park near our house.  Being with the favorite boy toy meant that we walked on the deer trail, not the paved trail.  In a few places, it was really mucky too and I was glad for my hiking shoes with their rubber soles.

Last weekend though it rained quite a lot.  I was hiking by myself, so I stuck to the paved trail and didn’t have to worry about my shoes getting sucked right off my feet!  Spring is definitely here – look at all that green. 

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2 Comments on “Trail Being Paved Is Better After Rain”

  1. kittyhere Says:

    In a month or two the trees around me will catch up to yours. My tulips are just blooming now & the lilacs are budded.

    • dogear6 Says:

      When I lived in upstate New York, it was so hard to wait on the warm weather coming in spring. I went to Texas in April one year to see my Dad and it was so green down there, then came home to another month – MONTH!! – of bare tree branches and brown grass. I’m loving seeing the green here – yours is coming soon.


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