Order of the Seasons

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One of Gretchen Rubin’s favorite sayings is that the days are long, but the years are short.  At various times over the years I’ve kept a nature journal.  There were several reasons – to sharpen my powers of observation, have material if I ever wanted to write a book, and to notice the passing of the seasons. 

It’s so easy for me to not notice the passing of the seasons!  I’m tied to my desk at work for long hours.  If I’m not at work, I’m busy with a household, marriage, child, family, and in my free time, reading.  If I’m not careful, I won’t raise my head enough to realize that the days have melted together, the seasons have changed, and another year is gone.

Keeping those journals helped me to realize the order in which the changes happen.  The Bradford pears and crabapple trees bloomed before the leaves came out.   Then the tulips came.  The trees leafed out and the roses and peonies bloomed shortly after. 

These observations actually have a name – phenology. For me, it is enjoyable to notice the changes, to anticipate the next changes to come, and to know that the order of the seasons is happening yet another year.   

These are roses from our neighborhood.  Pretty aren’t they?  They are called knock-out roses and are easy to care for as well as resistant to drought and disease.  They are very popular in this area.

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2 Comments on “Order of the Seasons”

  1. CMSmith Says:

    I used to keep gardening notebooks with photos, but I’ve long since given that up.

    Good for you.

    • dogear6 Says:

      I keep meaning to be more diligent recording my garden, but am still doing it by the seat of my pants (so to speak) – no real metrics or tracking. But it’s working, at least for now.

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