Backspace Key for My Life

May 16, 2011

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I seem to use the backspace key a lot when I’m typing.  The older I get, the more I need it too.  I’m not sure if I’ve gotten that much clumsier or am just rushing too much and typing faster than I’m spelling. 

Sometimes I wish I had a backspace key to use on my life too.  I try not to live with regrets as I enjoy trying different things, exploring, and having adventures.  It was hard to come up with something that I’d use a backspace key on, but giving the puppy too much attention was one of them. 

He was so high energy, so demanding in attention, and he loved chasing the cats.  Those poor cats had years of being the center of my attention and now had to clear out of the room when the puppy came flying through.  The older Siamese cat finally had enough and during a chase, sat down to groom  himself, causing the puppy to overshoot and nearly ram his head into the wall.  He never ran from the puppy again. 

If I could use the backspace key, I’d have been more careful to keep giving the cats the attention they deserved.  I didn’t neglect them – not at all – but I did let the puppy take up a lot of time and attention.  It was hard not to, although the cats always had my attention when it came time to cuddle up in bed.

Here’s a baby picture from the puppy that I’d fancied up with Photoshop Elements.

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2 Comments on “Backspace Key for My Life”

  1. CMSmith Says:

    Nice photo. Good job on your gravatar link. I found my way back.

  2. dogear6 Says:

    Thank you!

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