Balance Is Hard in Tall Grass

I went to the botanical gardens yesterday to take more pictures.  The stick sculpture, Metamorphosis, by the artist Patrick Doherty, is done.  This is his second work in central Virginia, the first being done on a storefront on Main Street some years ago.  There is no picture of it on-line.

I’d spent some time looking at Metamorphosis the previous weekends, but for some reason it never occurred to me to actually walk through it until yesterday.  It was really neat on the inside – for some people, this could be their house.  The rooms were larger than I expected, albeit not very weather tight.

After taking pictures from the front, I decided to take some from the back.  The grass was really tall, so I was careful to walk where it was already flattened from others walking through it (or else it was a deer trail – hard to tell for sure).  Unfortunately, I only had on my gym shoes and did nearly lose my balance.  That grass is slippery and I’m not too graceful in any event.  Thankfully no one saw me do the dance to regain my balance and not go down.

Here it is from the front and inside one of the doorways.

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2 Comments on “Balance Is Hard in Tall Grass”

  1. Christine Grote Says:

    These are fascinating strctures. (Glad you were able to save yourself and your pride from the fall.

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