Plunk Go the Raindrops

September 24, 2011

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This was an interesting experiment.  It was raining hard out and I stood in the open doorway, cranked up the ISO on my camera to its maximum, and caught these raindrops as they plunked on the rail.

Pretty cool, eh?

© 2011 dogear6 llc

© 2011 dogear6 llc

Word for tomorrow – BLAH.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.

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10 Comments on “Plunk Go the Raindrops”

  1. kittyhere Says:

    Very, very cool!

  2. pixilated2 Says:

    Love these raindrops! Send a few my way would ya? Thanks! ~ Lynda

  3. Traci Says:

    Very cool!! Love the first one.

  4. hugmamma Says:

    This is one time I would’ve clicked “love.” But “like” will have to do, I guess. Unusual photo subjects always catch my eye. :)

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