Black Friday Update

November 25, 2011

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It’s been a hard and strenuous Black Friday.  Somehow has to go out there, fight the crowds, and spend their money.  And you know what?  It wasn’t us.

Nope.  We slept in late, had an even later breakfast at IHop, and spent the afternoon watching the Cooking Channel, surfing the Internet, reading, and visiting.  Oh yes, and eating yummy leftovers while fending off the dogs.

Now that’s my idea of how to spend Black Friday.  Maybe tomorrow will be more productive. . . or maybe not.

I did however take daily photos today and thought this one was particularly pretty.

Word for tomorrow – MUMBLE.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.

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8 Comments on “Black Friday Update”

  1. gambill gals Says:

    Yes indeed: you have my perspective on Black Friday almost to a T! Only I will sometimes go online and pick up a special. :)

  2. Christine Grote Says:

    I try to avoid shopping on black Friday like the black death. I don’t do well in crowds. Sounds like you had a nice day.

    • dogear6 Says:

      I hate crowds. We did go shopping today, but not to a mall and it was surprisingly empty. I think because everyone was at the mall.

      We had a wonderful Friday – I’m glad we just hung out at the house.

  3. The Hook Says:

    “It’s been a hard and strenuous Black Friday”

  4. pattisj Says:

    No shopping for me on that day, either.

    • dogear6 Says:

      We went shopping the next day, but to the strip malls. They weren’t very busy, which was really surprising. The stores were actually pretty empty that weren’t at the big malls.

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