dogear6 To Inhabit New Digs

This weekend, I’ll be moving my blog over to inhabit my other blog site, Living The Seasons.  I’ve had the name for three years, but did very little with it.  When I started this blog at dogear6, it was meant to be a fun little photo thing to help me learn to blog.  I’d planned on putting my more substantial posts over at Living The Seasons.

Well, that didn’t quite go as planned and this has become much more substantial than I expected.  I like the other name better for long-term blogging and have decided to transfer over to it.  I experimented last weekend with a test blog and it seemed to transfer over just fine.

For those of you with E-mail subscriptions, WordPress follows, or RSS feeds,  you’ll need to subscribe again.  Links to my blog will also have to be updated.

I HOPE YOU FOLLOW ME.  I appreciate everyone who has taken time to stop by, like a post, or leave a comment. 

I will also put a redirect on this blog for a while.  My understanding is that if you click on it, it will automatically take you to the other blog.

I will send a note letting everyone know when it becomes a done deal.  If something goes really wrong, I will not hesitate to remain at either.

Interested in seeing how my blog has matured?  Here’s my first post, with a picture of a young beagle.  The word that day was WAFT.

Here’s another picture of a baby beagle, using Photoshop skills from an on-line class that I was taking at the time.  Doesn’t he have the most gorgeous colors?  The black on his face is mostly gone and there’s a fair amount of white on his face as well.

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Word for tomorrow – HUGE.  And I truly hope that is not the word I use after moving my blog around.

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4 Comments on “dogear6 To Inhabit New Digs”

  1. kittyhere Says:

    I have had a bookmark for Living The Seasons for some time. Now I have signed up to follow you there.

  2. pattisj Says:

    I signed up, too. If you have to use the word “huge,” I hope it is followed by “success.”

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