Reading The Blogs You Follow

January 23, 2012

E-mail Settings

In case you missed the recent announcement from WordPress, there is a reader that you can use to follow your blogs in once place, including blogs not on WordPress.

When the initial screen comes up at, you’ll see tabs across the top.  One of those tabs says “Read Blogs”.  Just click it and the first few paragraphs are available from the blogs you follow, with the newest ones being on top.  By using this feature, you can set the frequency of how often your E-mail is notified when a new post happens.

The frequency is set in the left sidebar where it says “blogs I follow” then “edit list”.  When you select “edit list”, each blog you follow will have a drop down box that allows you to select a frequency of never, instantly, daily, or weekly.  If you’re using the reader consistently, you may very well want to set the blogs you follow to a frequency of never to keep your E-mail uncluttered.

While you are in the “edit list”, there is a box at the top for entering a URL.  This is how you add a blog that is not on WordPress.

To set global (i.e., across the board) E-mail settings, go to the very bottom of the sidebar where it says “manage email delivery settings”.  There you can set the frequency of all E-mails, their format, and time of delivery,

It’s a great feature and a great help in managing your subscriptions.


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5 Comments on “Reading The Blogs You Follow”

  1. kittyhere Says:

    I can always count on you to point out features that I am only half utilizing.

  2. pattisj Says:

    Thanks for checking it out, Nancy. I tried it previously, but opted for the email option. It would be nice for Non-WP blogs, though. Will have to go check out the changes.

  3. Val Says:

    The URL box is for adding blogs too, if you know the address of them, but the easiest way to ‘follow’ (subscribe to) a blog is to just click the ‘follow’ button on the grey admin bar at the top of the window when you’re in that blog. You can click ‘unfollow’ there as well, if you want to stop following it.

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