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February 1, 2012

Stop Comments

I enjoy leaving comments, seeing the comments of others, and the replies from the blogger.  Sometimes though, it becomes more than I expected.  Instead of petering out after several days, the comments go on and on, and I’m no longer interested in my mail box filling up with them.

It’s possible to stop following a comment.  This is not intuitively obvious nor could I find instructions in WordPress support for your reading pleasure.

Here’s the steps:

  1. Open up the dashboard of your blog
  2. Click on “Blogs I Follow”
  3. Click on comments (under the header of “Blogs I Follow” at the top)
  4. Scroll down to find your comment
  5. Hover your mouse underneath the name of the blog the comment was left on
  6. Click on delete

Unfortunately there is no way to filter or search on the comments, so you will have to search out whatever comment you want to stop receiving.

It’s a great little trick though for when you’re getting more E-mails than you expected after clicking on the notify of additional comments.

Patti at A New Day Dawns recently asked for ideas on dealing with excessive comments coming in.  I suggest checking there to see if any of the suggestions are of interest in dealing with this.  Be sure to read the comments too as her readers shared what’s working and not working for them.

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11 Comments on “Stop Following A Comment”

  1. pattisj Says:

    Thanks for the info and the mention. If anyone will get to the bottom of this, my money is on you! :)

    • dogear6 Says:

      Not a surprise – I’m posting things I use over and over. This one always takes a while to figure out, so I thought it was time to record it once and for all.

  2. kittyhere Says:

    Thanks again for writing out the steps for solving a problem most of us encounter.

    • dogear6 Says:

      I found it out of desperation when a blog comment I clicked to follow went into the hundreds. It’s a handy tool but not very well publicized.

  3. bestbathroombooks Says:

    Thanks! This is the second time I followed someone that was too popular and got 200 comments in my email. You saved me hours.
    I owe you a cup of coffee!


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