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Cell Phone Security

January 18, 2013


I love having an iPhone and iPad.  It gives me wonderful portability for my e-mails, blog, Kindle books, and surfing the Internet.  But as with anything portable, it can get lost or stolen. Julius Genachowski, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), posted an article on LinkedIn about securing your cell phone.  He gave a […]

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Some Prompts to Help

January 7, 2013


Having trouble figuring out what to write?  Try using some prompts.  I find that often it helps keep me going until I start generating my own ideas again. The other great thing about using prompts or participating in a challenge is meeting other bloggers.  I’ve read a number of new blogs that I wouldn’t have […]

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Instagram Terms of Usage – Act Before January 19

January 1, 2013


For those of you who use Instagram, they recently changed their policy to include some ambiguous wording that could allow them to use and sell your photos without your permission or payment to you. According to Reuters, they have now reverted to the original wording for photo usage, but other terms still remain applicable, including […]

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