About Me

I am an adventurer, philosopher and observer who loves to wander and explore.  My post here talks why I describe myself that way.

I am also an experienced diarist and archivist.  The first time I remember writing about my life was in 8th grade.  I started consistently keeping my journals (i.e., diaries) nearly 25 years ago.  My early ones were in spiral bound notebooks; later I started doing them on the computer.

My regular blog can be found at www.livingtheseasons.com.

I also enjoy documenting my life through photos.  In 2011, I did a 365 challenge to take pictures every day and have been thrilled with the results, many of which are in my posts.  It’s stretched me creatively and I’ve improved my camera skills considerably.

I am also the keeper of many family photographs and memorabilia.  Several years ago, I created a family history book of over 100 years of photographs and stories.  I have since gotten a great deal more materials and have to update it one of these days.  More recently, I put together a photo album of nearly 80 years of photos from my in-laws.

I can be contacted at dogear6 [dash] blog [at] yahoo [dot] com.  Remember to replace the bracketed words with the actual punctuation needed.

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