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A to Z Challenge

April 1, 2012


The A to Z Challenge for 2012 starts today.  The goal is to blog a different letter of the alphabet (sequentially) in the month of April.  You can use a unifying theme or not.  You chose the word.  It’s that simple. Over 1600 people have signed up to participate!  It’s a great way to make new […]

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Women’s History Month

March 9, 2012


Looking for a challenge to celebrate women’s achievements?  Paige at The Authentic Me has a challenge going, inviting her readers to “remember the contributions of notable and ordinary women“.  I’ve already posted links to stories about my grandmothers & great-grandmother, whose ordinary lives shaped the generations after them. Here’s what Paige is inviting you to […]

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30-Day Spirituality Challenge

February 21, 2012


Today’s guest post is from Judith at the blog, Diabetic Redemption.  When I left a note at how impressed I was with the questions, she laughed and said “. . .unpaid student loans owed to a seminary that no longer exists at least taught me what questions to ask!” At the bottom, she does qualify […]

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Book Review: A Writer’s Book of Days

February 20, 2012


Today’s guest post is by Chris Donner at Chris Donner, Mystery Writer.   One of the really great things about Chris’s blog is that along the left side she has chapters to her mystery book that is in progress. A few weeks ago, Chris did a review of “A Writer’s Book of Days: A Spirited Companion […]

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Prompts To Share Your World

February 13, 2012


Today’s guest blogger is Cee Neuner, who posts over at Cee’s Life Photography Blog.  Cee coordinates a fun projected called, “Share Your World“, as a way for bloggers to get to know each other better.  I’ll let Cee describe it herself: About Share Your World I discovered Jesse Jaca’s blog and saw they had a Getting to […]

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No Comfort Zone Challenge

February 1, 2012


One of the more unusual challenges in 2012 is that of the “no comfort zone” by Marge Katherine at the Inside Out Cafe.  Marge encourages her readers and fellow bloggers to every week take a step outside of their comfort zone and do something different. I very much enjoyed reading Marge’s posts on this, from her […]

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Book Review: A Creative Writer’s Kit

January 25, 2012


Today’s guest post is written by JudithB at I choose how I will spend the rest of my life.  I’d noticed her references to Judy Reeves in several of her posts.  Although I don’t have this particular book, I have several others by Judy.  Judy also does on-line classes at the International Association for Journal Writers.  From […]

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Daily / Weekly Prompts

January 2, 2012


At some point, we all run dry on ideas.  Fatigue and stress contribute, sometimes it just happens. That’s when it’s great to have some resources to turn to, where someone else has written out a list that you can scan until you find something that appeals. Here’s a list for your back pocket of things […]

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