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4 Year End Blog Post Ideas

December 29, 2012


Over at A Cool Site, TimeThief has a great post with four ideas for some year end ideas. The ideas include a summary post, a best of reads and feeds, annual appreciation post, and a humorous year end post.  She ends with a suggestion for those without enough time to do much on their blog. Click here […]

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Year In Review

December 26, 2012


As the year quickly winds down, I do several things in my personal journals to memorialize the year.  I’ve been doing this for a while now and it’s usually fun to go back and see what’s changed or not changed over the years. Here’s the format I’m currently using: List 25 Accomplishments from last year […]

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Women’s History Month

March 9, 2012


Looking for a challenge to celebrate women’s achievements?  Paige at The Authentic Me has a challenge going, inviting her readers to “remember the contributions of notable and ordinary women“.  I’ve already posted links to stories about my grandmothers & great-grandmother, whose ordinary lives shaped the generations after them. Here’s what Paige is inviting you to […]

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Taking a Field Trip

February 6, 2012


When I did my daily photo challenge in 2011, I read a piece of advice that said to take field trips for the purpose of looking for photos. I was pleasantly surprised to see how this helped my blog writing as well for the same reasons as it helped my photography – it gave me something to […]

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Idea: Observations During Your Walk

January 31, 2012


Earlier I wrote about creating a post about a walk you took.  I listed several examples as suggestions of what such a post might look like. A first draft should be written from the heart, getting out your emotions and passion.  But while editing it is helpful to have some suggestions to ensure your post tells a […]

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Idea: Being Loved

January 19, 2012


Today’s guest post comes from blogger Kate Kresse at Believe Anyway.  She recently wrote a post titled “We were loved before we existed“.  It was much more than a statement of her faith, it was also about people who loved and influenced her. I asked Kate to share some thoughts for readers to try in recording […]

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Idea: Taking A Walk

January 15, 2012


Not every blog post or journal entry has to be deep.  Sometimes it’s just fun to show pictures and tell a short story. My post here did that.  It just happened, something I felt like doing.  My writing was simple. Others though have told deeper stories with their walks. The Simple Life of a Countryman’s […]

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All about … 2011: Year in Review

January 6, 2012


Today’s guest blogger is Pam at Mushy Cloud.  She used this set of questions to look back at 2011 and I really liked them because it was a structured way to review the events of 2011.  It’s easy to do (not as much thinking as my post was) and gives you a nice record to […]

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