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A to Z Challenge

April 1, 2012


The A to Z Challenge for 2012 starts today.  The goal is to blog a different letter of the alphabet (sequentially) in the month of April.  You can use a unifying theme or not.  You chose the word.  It’s that simple. Over 1600 people have signed up to participate!  It’s a great way to make new […]

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Why Do A Daily Challenge

March 7, 2012


In hindsight, I’ve done challenges prior to last year’s daily blogging and photography.  I did a daily challenge when I was seriously into my needlepoint.  I improved my skill, learned new techniques, and made new friends just like with my blogging. I also did a daily challenge putting together a family history book, coordinating and organizing […]

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Doing A Daily Blog Challenge

January 30, 2012


Last year, I coordinated and participated in a daily random word challenge.  Each day, myself and other participants wrote a post, using a word that had been randomly selected by the computer. Having finished (survived) a daily challenge, I highly recommend it.  It’s a great way to get consistency, get into the habit of writing, […]

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