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Get Over Guilt About Your Passion

March 14, 2012


Ollin Morales, at Courage 2 Create, had a great post titled, “11 Ways To Get Over Feeling Guilty About Following Your Passion“.  I found it to contain valuable advice and when I contacted Olin, he granted me permission to publish it in its entirety. Ollin posts about creativity, writing technique and inspirational topics.  If you haven’t […]

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Thoughts On Using Prompts

February 29, 2012


Ollin Morales, over at Courage 2 Create, has a great blog for writer’s and creative people.  He recently had a post in which he explained why he doesn’t think writer’s should use prompts.  It’s worth checking out.  To sum up, his reasons are: It only works because it’s acting as a mirror to what is […]

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